Season 8 Launches Fall 2023!

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I love this podcast! It is so fascinating and I really enjoy learning about incredible women! So glad I discovered this!

Learning so much

I like this idea and I love the content. It’s so great to find out about female trailblazers. It’s so nice to learn a little history and be able to hear about female role models.

Great Show

I have found a new podcast to listen to. The guest are informative and the hosts are great. Keep up the great work!

Great Concept

I’m always fascinated by the stories of others, especially non-celebrities. This has introduced me to some pretty interesting women who do great things. Happy I found it!

Really enjoying the show

Really enjoyed the interview with Dr Dawn. Very inspirational and resonated with me.


As a young business woman I loved this podcast! Great to hear about innovative women in various fields making a difference.

Great Content

The show has fun relatable topics and such intriguing guests. I’m really excited for more!

Informative and Necessary

The hosts have a good vibe together and it is obvious that they choose the women they feature out of genuine admiration for them and their contributions. I learned about a lot of new women and also new information about women whose names and accomplishments are well known. Will definitely subcribe.

Must listen!

Love the idea behind this podcast - definitely a must listen!

Thanks for the Insider Insights!

Listened to the episode with Stacey Furguson and learned her behind the scenes story of how she created her platform for women of color bloggers and building communities through conferences. Love the behind the scenes access!

Hello from NRI Woman

Nice to hear positive podcasts such as this. I learnt so much about C-sections and deliveries. Even though I have two kids myself, knowing about the unknown is a good thing. Keep up the good work and look forward to hearing more podcasts from you both. Warmly, Ninorah and Bettina. NRIWoman Podcast

Great show!

Definitely worth listening to!

Stories of love and hope

This show is really refreshing. I enjoy hearing stories, especially when told well by women, about women that can help ALL women. Global teaching is the key to all survival and legacy!

Thanks so much!!

I think it's amazing that you guys are highlighting the stories of women who haven't gotten the shine they deserve! Bless you! Hopefully this keeps the ball rolling. :)

Absolutely love to learn about inspiring women!

I love the idea of a podcast specifically about the women who are so incredible and unknown. Having all of these stories readily available for when I need some uplifting is so necessary!

History for all

If you are not listening to That’s What She Did, you need to be listening right now! That’s What She Did Is a podcast that highlights the women history may have forgotten. It is an awesome exploration! One I highly recommend.

Great stories

I really enjoyed listening to the story of Anabel Hernandez. What a courageous individual! As a fellow Mexicana, I can’t tell you how important stories like this are for the world to know. Thank you!

Awesome Show

Such a moving, empowering show! The hosts have great on-air chemistry and I learn so much from each episode. Highly recommend!

Learning a lot

Whew! I love the intro song! And i love the information i found out during women’s history month. Definitely some amazing and dope folks out here shining! Thanks.

Wonderful women’s stories

Great podcast! I love being able to hear about women’s stories both young and old, and the amazing things they’re doing. It’s incredibly empowering and motivating. The cultural aspect of the podcast is also refreshing. Can’t wait to hear more!!

Love it!

I love the women being profiled here. 5 stars all around!

Motivational and authentic

A great podcast with inspiring stories.

Awesome podcast!

Love this podcast, full of inspirational women’s stories!

Truly a breath of fresh air

I love this podcast! You guys talk about such strong and important women that some of us have never heard about. It’s interesting and fun I hope you come back with some more awesomeness.

Love this podcast

Authentic voices sharing incredible stories of women! I’m in and here for it!